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There is an ORDINARY gospel that many people have experienced. It sounds like judgment. It feels like shame. It resonates like religion. It motivates with guilt and punishment.  It looks like LAW and it leaves us dry, distant and burned out.

But there is an EXTRAORDINARY GOSPEL that rings with freedom, defines us by love, empowers us by grace and motivates us by a new identity.   

Extraordinary Gospel: Experiencing the Goodness of God


What one truth would change your life forever?

Is God mad at me?

Am I being punished by God for something I've done?

Is sickness a sign that God is angry with me?

How guilty should I feel in order to be forgiven?

What can I do to win God’s favor?

The truth is that God isn't mad. He is continually good toward us. We don’t have to earn God’s favor; Jesus has already done that for us. When God looks on us He sees Jesus righteousness. This substitution is called Grace. As far as we’re concerned, God is always in a good mood.

Let this wonderful truth teach you:

How to restore the missing element in your worship.

How to put the blame for evil where it really belongs.

That you are as right with God as Jesus is.

That you have become unpunishable.

That all your sins are cleared forever.




5 Religious Myths Exposed- Is Grace Really Enough?

Audio CDs 

In this highly recommended 5 CD set, Dr. Crisco exposes religious lies that we have believed that hinder our intimacy with God, thwart our evangelism, and keep us in fear and unbelief. These messages will bring you freedom, peace and restored joy. They are:

  • Facts About Father - Proof that God is not angry with you.
  • The Beauty of Repentance - Discover how repentance doesn't mean "quit sinning"!
  • The Reconcilliation of the Cross - Truth that God is not dealing with people according to their sins, but according to their faith.
  • Total Forgiveness - Did you know that you have been forgiven...past, present and future?
  • What God Does with Fruitful Things - Why God will never cut you off the vine and discover what pruning is really about.




Dream Interpretation Seminar

Audio CDs  

Did you know that the Bible is full of teaching on dreams? Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Are there dreams you have that you are just sure they mean something but you can’t seem to figure out what?

This Dream Interpretation 2 CD set will give an understanding of how God speaks to His children through dreams today. There are many dreams recorded in the Bible that had great meaning to those who had them and for those who received the interpretation of them.

You will look at ways to interpret dreams so you can see exactly what God is saying. This includes looking at the meanings of colors and symbols.




Radical Faith: How to Embody the Faith of Jesus

Audio CDs

What if faith was practically effortless? What if faith is not as complicated as we have made it? Sometimes the church just turns faith into another work that we have to accomplish, but what if there is more to faith than our ability to believe?

In this 2-part series Dr. Chuck Crisco teaches one of his most inspiring messages about how faith really works from the perspective of both our faith and the faith of Jesus. Discover insights about what the Bible teaches about the perfect faith of Jesus as it is involved in our salvation.  That's right. Who we are in Christ is who we are to God. It is this faith of Jesus that keeps us in Christ. But who Christ is in us, is who we are before the world as we manifest his life. Christ embodied our sin so that we could embody his faith.




What Does Grace Say about Divorce?

Audio CD  

God created the covenant of marriage, and it is a beautiful picture of the relationship between the church and Jesus, but many have been wounded by the devastation of divorce. If you’ve considered divorce or you’ve been through one, the pain is difficult enough without religious ideas deepening the shame and stigma. In this CD, Dr. Crisco teaches powerful, life-giving truths that will give hope and eliminate shame and false guilt in your life. These are insights you don't hear anyone teaching, but are divine keys to peace and perspective.



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