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Quotes My vitamin D levels have been extremely low. In the last year and a half it has barely reached the 20's. I received my blood work results back and my vitamin D levels were in the 70's. Thank you Jesus! Quotes
S. M.

Quotes A few weeks ago God blessed my husband and I will a $100 check - a God surprise gift that was just to be used for us for fun. How awesome that God wants us to have fun! Quotes
S. M.

Quotes I prayed for someone's left leg that was at least an inch shorter than their right leg. After praying both legs were the same length! Quotes
D. G.

Quotes God prompted me to bless a waitress last week with a purse. She was pregnant and I felt God wanted to bless the new mommy to be. Less than a week later, my husband and I found a diamond ring in an antique shop that I loved. Long story short....we paid less than 10% of its estimated value! I like God's 10%! Quotes
T. M.

Quotes I went to a friend's house to pray and Jesus showed me HUGE chains all over the house. I asked Him how to break them and He instructed me to pray against guilt and fear. As I was praying I saw them break and two HUGE angels stood over the house with swords. It was awesome! Quotes
J. B.

Quotes Last night I had taken a 3rd dose of a prescribed medication, and noticed that it was hard on my stomach. In the middle of the night I had extremely bad stomach pains and even thought I needed to go to the ER. I asked God to take that medication out of my system and to take the pain away. Within minutes there was no more pain! Quotes

Quotes I along with some friends went to Cracker Barrel Wednesday night. While there we all felt led to pray for our waitress. God gave me the word "school". I asked her if she was going to school or thinking about it and she said that she wants to go to school to her her PhD. I told her to pursue that and not to worry about the finances that God would provide the way. She was so uplifted and thankful to us for praying and ministering to her. She kept saying, "Thank you. Thank you so much!" Quotes

Quotes My daughter, grandson, and I went to the Creation Museum this week. While there we were at dinner one evening and I felt the Lords pleasure as we were greeted by our waiter. I felt Jesus wanted us to bless him, so we began to press in and ask for revelation. God gave us each a word for him and we asked after dinner if we could see if our words testified with him. He quickly said, "Sure, I'm a new Christian." We began to speak out the things we had been given. He shared with us that he was a recovering alcoholic and that our words were a great encouragement that he much needed. God is GOOD! Quotes
J. L

Quotes Today I had boiled some water and put in a soup cup. I went to eat it and it spilled all down my chest. I hurried and went to bandage it up, seeing the blisters that were already starting to form. Later on that day I was talking about the miracles God was doing and how great He is to me, and the pain disappeared. When I went to take a shower before the clinic last night, the blisters and burns were completely gone!! Go had healed me and I didn't even pray for it! I just talked about how He has been healing people! Quotes
Ecstatic kid

Quotes We declare God Word over our finances every week. This month we found out we are being blessed with $20,000 of unexpected money. You truly can not out give God! Quotes
D. T.
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